Panasonic acquires automotive embedded software co OpenSynergy

Date: 13/08/2016
The Japan-based electronics company Panasonic has acquired all the outstanding shares of the Germany based automotive embedded software company OpenSynergy. This acquisition helps Panasonic to strengthen its position in automotive business which is a high growth area, particularly in the areas of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS). OpenSynergy is specialised in embedded automotive software and the provider of COQOS Software Development Kit (COQOS SDK). COQOS SDK helps engineers to create Android and Linux operating system based telematics and infotainment systems specific to automotive applications.

Panasonic explains in its release "A current cockpit system is controlled by two different systems, multimedia functions like navigation and audio, and driver support functions like warning signals on head-up display. To integrate such different functions going forward, and provide a better and intuitively easier driving support, system integration needs to be achieved from the operating system level."

"OpenSynergy's software technologies enable multiple different operating systems to be integrated into one system. These technologies make it possible to realize a next-generation cockpit system where multimedia and driver support functions are integrated." stated by Panasonic in its release.

Mr. Hirotoshi Uehara, Executive Officer and Director of Automotive Infotainment Systems Business Division of Panasonic, says "Through making OpenSynergy our subsidiary, we will realize a next-generation integrated cockpit system and make a great step toward integrating cockpit system and ADAS with a firm eye on autonomous driving in the future."

Mr. Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut, the Co-CEO of OpenSynergy, said "OpenSynergy's mission has been to bring innovative software solutions to the automotive industry and to enable the development of the next generation of highly integrated vehicle systems, embracing the specific safety and security challenges of the vehicle environment." Mr. Rolf Morich, the other Co-CEO, also added: "Under its new ownership, OpenSynergy will keep serving the entire automotive eco-system, Tier 1 suppliers and manufacturers. The synergies with Panasonic will enable us to increase our pace of growth and innovation, providing the best solutions to our customers."

OpenSynergy also provides software such as Bluetooth stack to automakers and Tier 1 suppliers. OpenSynergy continue to operate the business as an independent company just as before, under the new ownership.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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