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  Date: 01/06/2016

Environment friendly electronic solutions for rat menace

Now you have a electronics wireless technology to catch rats and other such pests. A company called ball-b in Germany offers a IoT-enabled rodent bait protection box designed using DSP Group's wireless SoC chip.

DSP's DXH91 chip powered ball-b’s product designed for bait protection systems (rat bait and trap systems), where it required by law in Europe to be checked every two weeks in order to ensure the environmental aspects such as when applying poisoned bait in sewage systems and areas susceptible to flooding are being handled and monitored.

The product from ball-b ensures remotely manage the bait boxes by using different sensors to monitor the motion of rat as well as the bait. Using DSP's ULE tech the data is transferred from the sewer to a mobile handheld which will connect the bait protection boxes with the cloud. By analysing the data, it can be decided when new bait is required.

"You don’t typically associate sewers and rodent traps with high tech, but in this case, ball-b’s Cloud Service and Mobile App has gone beyond baiting and poisoning of rodents to actually monitoring both the levels of the bait that remain and the animal activity itself,” said Jochen Kilian, VP Core Technology and Business Development Manager Europe at DSP Group, “We are very excited that ball-b based its new smart city pest control solution on DSP Group’s DHX91 SoCs and ULE technology. We see it as a vote of confidence in ULE technology and its exceptional fit for smart city applications, including sensor data transmission, wireless voice and video over a single RF link. We are confident that the new system will drive many new and innovative IoT product concepts”.

“We examined various wireless technologies for the use, especially under the required tough conditions”, said Reto Manitz SVP communication at ball-b GmbH & Co KG, “The boxes will be placed up to 6 meters deep in a sewer closed by metal plates and ULE superb solutions still allow to receive the sensor data meters away from the manhole which enables read out data without interrupting the traffic or a risk for the workers. The ULE –based system do not only reduce cost, improve security and safety, but also helps protecting the environment at a large scale”, He concluded.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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