New handbook by IPC for troubleshooting PCB fabrication processes

Date: 18/05/2016
IPC published a new handbook named IPC-9121 for electronics manufacturing professionals to troubleshoot PCB Fabrication Processes. The new hand book contains more than 650 PCB process defects, with causes and corrective actions for each with hundreds of full-color photos demonstrating real-world process defects.

"IPC-9121 organizes these process defects by the manufacturing steps in the process where they can occur — imaging, resists, protective coatings, drilling, surface prep, etching chemistries, lamination, final finishes, etc. — and summarizes causes and solutions for each. This resource enables the process engineer to quickly find and resolve process defects in-house, saving your company money and keeping quality product flowing to your customers." stated in the release by IPC.

“The IPC-9121 handbook presents common problems, solutions and correctives actions required in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards,” said Chris Jorgenson, director of technology transfer at IPC. “It is a valuable troubleshooting tool that every process engineer involved with manufacturing of printed circuit boards should have.”

IPC-9121 can be purchased online at

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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