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  Date: 07/02/2016

IESA VS 2016: Focus is on electronics manufacturing and funding

At this year's IESA vision Summit 2016, it was more about promoting entrepreneurship. Identifying young talent in the industry to build ESDM businesses in the form of makethon competition, and workshop for prospective entrepreneurs.

Below are some of the latest key developments in the India ESDM market learned at this year's event:

There is some good news about Indian set-top box (STB) manufacturing. A Bangalore-based software company ByDesign has developed conditional access (CAS) software within a short duration and is also been deployed in the field in large number of STBs. The Indian CAS helps to bring the cost of set-top box down and it increases profit for seller.

India semiconductor fab project is moving a bit slow with funding related issues.

If you're looking for funding for Electronics Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) idea, there are multiple opportunities both from the government as well as private venture capitalists. SIDBI and Can Bank Ventures have exclusive ESDM fund. US based Riverwood in partnership with Walden is also funding electronics biz in India. Now is the right timing to get a funding for an electronics startup.

IoT continues to be the top attraction in terms of market opportunity and IP development. The smart cities project will boost the IOT demand further. Considering all aspects of electronics market opportunity including IT, it is around US$ 1 trillion tech market opportunity in India. Fast implementation of the e-governance boosting the PC and mobile phone market.

When it comes to mobile phone manufacturing, India has the production capability to produce 9 million phones per month.

Amid all these positive things happening, India's electronics industry struggle to source components locally due to lack of electronic component manufacturing base. You still can't buy some of the advanced semiconductor ICs other components paying Indian Rupees from leading distributors of electronic components.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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