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  Date: 17/05/2015

New company is formed to make photoresists for EUV lithography

On one side EUV lithography equipment is being made ready for volume production, there is also the trend of developing the materials suitable for EUV. EUV requires a different photoresist material. A company named JSR Corporation is partnering with Belgium-based semiconductor technology researcher IMEC to form a joint-venture company in developing advanced materials for EUV lithography.

JSR is supporting a joint-venture by upgrading its wholly-owned subsidiary in Belgium, JSR Micro NV, by installing manufacturing and analytical equipment, whereas IMEC is providing expertise and services to the joint venture for quality control on materials. The joint-venture business to manufacture JSR brand photoresists and also offer toll-manufacturing capability to other material suppliers with confidentiality secured.

“JSR has been a strategic partner of imec for a long time, and I am excited with this intensified collaboration,” stated Luc Van den hove, president and CEO at imec. “This collaboration strengthens our supplier hub concept, a neutral open innovation R&D platform that involves suppliers more deeply and at an early stage of process step and module development. The partnership enabled through close proximity between the JSR manufacturing facility and the imec technology platform will allow our partners to gain access to best-in-class materials for next-generation technologies.”

“We know that EUV lithography is required to realize Moore’s law in semiconductor manufacturing technologies and we continuously focus our R&D efforts to meet industry needs,” said Nobu Koshiba, President of JSR Corporation. “JSR has successfully developed not only chemically amplified photoresists, but also newly designed chemistries with very high sensitivity and good productivity. Our strength has also extended to peripheral materials, such as multilayer materials. The industry is requesting material suppliers to prepare manufacturing infrastructure and quality control capabilities for defect-free lithography solutions, as well as to improve photoresist performance to match EUV exposure equipment. It is by knowing those industry needs and requirements very well, that we, two world leading organizations that have supported the semiconductor industry for a long time, come to this unique idea to form a manufacturing joint venture to support those future industry needs. This is done based on our very long, trust-worthy relationship with imec. This is a very exciting challenge for us and I have great respect for imec for their brave and challenging spirits.”
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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