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  Date: 12/04/2015

EV trend in Asia: Electric three wheelers finding more users than electric cars

In Asia, there is interesting trend of growth of electric three wheelers in countries such as India and Philippines. In India the electric three wheelers called e-rickshaws are increasingly used in cities such as Delhi. Government in India is also providing new regulations for e-rickshaws. In Philippines the two wheeled motorbike is altered/fitted with a side-car (see the picture below) which is called in local lingo as trike.
phillipines two wheeler

The above type is now replaced by somewhat similar looking electric three wheeler (see another picture below) which is called as e-trike.
e-bike e-trike

Advanced technology is used to manage various aspects of electric power driven three wheelers. Global Mobility Service, Inc. (GMS) has conducted a trial in Metro Manila that ran from September 2014 through January 2015 using electric tricycles with proprietary sensing technologies and ICT, such as remote vehicle-control systems, fare-authentication systems, and anti-theft systems. The company plans to begin actual services the second quarter of the calendar year.

Fujitsu said it is working with GMS to connect their system to the FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL, for a field trial of additional services in Metro Manila that will begin in late 2015. These services will include a feature for estimating the available driving range based on the battery reserves and power-consumption profile, a service showing the routes to charging stations, and a service that plans routes to consume the least amount of power. Following the trials, these functions will be added to the service that GMS is launching in the second quarter, and will be put into operation in the Philippines in fiscal 2016.

"This collaboration between GMS and Fujitsu will support more widespread use of electric tricycles in the Philippines and contribute to an improved environment and convenience. The companies are considering services in other Southeast Asian countries and China as the market for electric vehicles is expected to expand." stated in the release by Fujitsu.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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