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  Date: 11/01/2015

STMicroelectronics shipped 4-core Ultra HD STB ICs to several OEMs

At the consumer Electronics show 2015 at Las Vegas, one of the most talked about technology is ultra HD television from leading consumer electronics companies. Another important area which is also moving to Ultra HD naturally is set-top boxes. FDSOI chip manufacturing technology expert STMicroelectronics is now delivering its latest Ultra HD supporting Quad core set-top box ICs.

STMicroelectronics said it has shipped its Ultra-HDp60 quad-core system-on-chip ICs (STiH314/318 and STiH414/418), which is part of its Cannes/ Monaco STB IC family to its several OEM customers.

“The consumer market for Ultra HD is ready to take off,” said Philippe Notton, Group Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Product Division, STMicroelectronics. “And these high-performing, power-efficient and competitively priced system-on-chip ICs now give ST customers the edge in this exciting, promising market.”

The features and specifications highlights of these products (STiH314/318 and STiH414/418) include:

Can decode Ultra-HD HEVC @ 60 frames/sec with 10-bit color depth streams from all main video-encoder and stream through HDMi2.0 @ 6Gbps.

To stream video to multiple devices these chips with a built-in 4x4 802.11ac Wi-Fi wirelessly feeds video throughout the home.

By supporting Android L version, these STB ICs take care of all the features provided by Google TV.

Supports live feeds and offers features such as fast channel change (FCC) & transcoding by using multiple third-party middleware.

To protect the HD content STiH314/318 and STiH414/418 features support for Forensic watermarking, by using advanced Conditional Access (CA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) support and complies with MovieLabs latest requirements.

On the quality of the video, ST says "High Dynamic Range (HDR) prototype that delivers darker darks and brighter whites with smooth transitions from highlights to shadows, contributing to the stunning impact of 4K content."

If you're using older STB ICs in your design such as Cannes (STiH31x) and Monaco (STiH41x), moving your product design to these new chips is no more hardware issue because latest chips are pin compatible.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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