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  Date: 19/12/2014

Bluetooth Smart 4.2 IP from Mindtree is industry's first

The IP for the speed and security enhanced Bluetooth smart protocol version "Bluetooth Smart 4.2" is available now from Mindtree, Bengaluru, India based electronics and semiconductor engineering design services company.

Smart phones integrated with Bluetooth Smart 4.2 chips give more control to its users over allowing Bluetooth connection to others with enhanced privacy settings. Particularly, Bluetooth beacons cannot engage with your Bluetooth Smart 4.2 powered mobile device without your permission. The speed of data is also increased in the version of 4.2 by 2.5 times compared to previous version 4.1.

Mindtree is leading in design services and product (both equipment and semiconductor VLSI chip) development outsourcing space of Bluetooth area since from the time Bluetooth was popular in the market. With the availability of the latest IP, Mindtree continue to hold its leading position in this market.

Market researcher Zinnov has placed Mindtree in execution zone for Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Semiconductor segments as a partner who is capable of delivering complete product development as a true engineering partner.

Bluetooth Smart version 4.2 targets fast-growing product areas such as wearables, smart homes, connected medical devices and smart location tracking. Bluetooth Core Specification 4.2 makes the Internet of Things (IoT) better with multiple ways to connect to the Internet. Bluetooth Smart version 4.2 is also designed to consume even further low-power compared previous versions.

Jayanth Krishna, Head – Short-range Wireless, Mindtree commented “For 15 years, Mindtree has been at the forefront of Bluetooth innovation. Mindtree’s IP has reached millions of devices globally across smart connected devices, automotive, audio accessories and personal navigation. Our investments in expertise and technology are paying off in helping to accelerate the use of wearables and other smart connected devices.”

Errett Kroeter, Senior Marketing Director, Bluetooth SIG said “We are excited to see our member companies embrace the potential of Bluetooth Smart technology, with its IP connectivity capabilities in addition to the increased speed, stronger security, and enhanced power efficiency of Bluetooth 4.2. Our membership continues to build a richer Bluetooth Smart ecosystem, bringing more Bluetooth Smart products to the consumer. Bluetooth Smart is the only wireless technology that provides the flexibility to innovate, ability to scale to the market, and trust of a globally recognized standard. All of which are essential to delivering the promise of IoT.”
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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