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  Date: 30/11/2014

Cobham Semiconductor announce QML Q/Q+ certified MRAMs with IP from Everspin

Cobham Semiconductor (formerly Aeroflex Microelectronics Solutions – HiRel) announces QML Q/Q+ certification of their non-volatile products using Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (MRAM) intellectual property from Everspin Technologies, Inc. The MRAM-based product offering includes a 64Mbit device, UT8MR8M8, offered in a 40-lead quad flatpack with prototypes available now, and a 16Mbit device, UT8MR2M8, available in a 40-lead flatpack and in production.

“Using an IP license from Everspin, Cobham Semiconductor Solutions has taken commercial MRAM technology and enhanced the IP for specialized aerospace and defense applications,” said Anthony Jordan, Cobham Semiconductor Solutions Vice-President Product Marketing and Applications Engineering. “Customers needed dense, low power, qualified non-volatile memory solutions with guaranteed total ionizing dose and single event hardness. Cobham was able to satisfy these requirements using commercial IP and proprietary design techniques to access new markets. We plan to continue leveraging Everspin IP in future product development.”

MRAM technology provides a combination of fast access time, non-volatility, data retention and endurance. MRAM technology operates as an SRAM with non-volatile attributes. Aeroflex’s HiRel MRAM solutions are used with microprocessors, DSP engines, storage systems, instruments, and reconfigurable FPGAs.

The 3V MRAMs have guaranteed operation from -40oC to +105oC, 100 krad(Si) and are SEL immune to >100 MeV-cm2. As a replacement for 3.3V SRAMs, the MRAMs are 8-bit parallel I/O solutions with data retention after each write of 20 years and near infinite read/write endurance. They are ideal for working memory applications that require high rates of data overwrites.

“Cobham Semiconductor Solutions, formerly Aeroflex Microelectronics Solutions – HiRel, is committed as a long-term supplier of memory products for harsh environments. We now offer over 30 products in our Non-Volatile and Volatile Memory Family.”

The radiation-hardened UT8MR2M8 (SMD5962-12227) and the UT8MR8M8 (SMD 5962-13207) are QML Q/Q+ qualified and available to Standard Microcircuit Drawings. Please call for pricing.

News Source: Aeroflex
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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