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  Date: 09/11/2014

Synopsys sold 3000 copies of its virtual prototyping book

Synopsys reported it has distributed more than 3000 copies of the Better Software. Faster! book on virtual prototyping to more than 1000 companies. Synopsys has made available this book in Chinese language Mandarin, and is also soon to make it available in Japanese language by the end of the year.

Virtual prototyping helps design engineers to test the software before the SOC chip or the electronic product available by using virtual prototypes of the electronic system or the chip. Below is the EE Herald's earlier interaction with Mr. Joachim Kunkel, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Solutions Group on Virtual prototyping trends:

Key Trend and applications of virtual prototyping:

Joachim Kunkel: What we are seeing is virtual prototyping has established itself as methodology for early software development in two industries, in the mobile/portable consumer (electronics) industry and the automotive industry. What we are seeing in automotive industry is customers are using our virtualizer tools for describing the ECU for a virtual prototype of ECU and combining that with simulation prototype model for mechanical portion.

Relying on Virtual Prototype for complete development of product:
Joachim Kunkel: For what we are seeing is that our customers are doing pretty much the complete development of virtual prototype and then obviously they take the software that they have developed and put it on a real test bench that includes the actual electronics.

On evolving standards for Virtual Prototyping:

Joachim Kunkel: Well if you are looking at standard for virtual prototyping there is basically one element there that needs to be standardized, there may be two! which is mostly how do you ensure that models of processors and models of peripherals, etc, those are readable for number of different tools and you are not going to mimic models with single propriety type of tools. That holding to a complex tool of System C standard. There are models of peripherals and models of processors that are system C complaint, typically at transaction level.

Synopsys had acquired VaST Systems to extend its virtual prototyping solutions with a comprehensive set of processor sub-system models into the automotive and consumer application space.

Virtual prototypes enable pre-silicon software development and complement hardware/software verification approaches in the system-level design and verification market segment. The processor sub-system models accelerate the virtualization of electronic systems and improve the software development productivity and system verification.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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