eASIC support for C-RAN with CPRI v6.0

Date: 13/10/2014
eASIC Corporation and Denmark based Comcores ApS announced immediate support for Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) v.6.0 using eASIC’s Nextreme-3 28 nm devices enabling energy efficient and high-performance wireless C-RAN solutions. The combined solutions is targeted for fronthaul network architectures.

“Customers building LTE-Advanced systems are adopting CPRI v6.0 to address the markets continuing demand for bandwidth. This combined with the need for differentiated solutions makes eASIC Nextreme-3 28 nm devices an ideal platform for rapid deployment of fronthaul technology”, said Jasbinder Bhoot, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at eASIC. “By working with Comcores, customers can use now a plug and play CPRI v6.0 solution optimized for eASIC devices, supporting virtually any radio access, optical or microwave transport, digital switching and baseband pool implementation that uses CPRI for communication.”

“We are pleased to be working with eASIC to enable fronthaul applications including support for C-RAN using the eASIC platform and our CPRI v6.0 controller solution”, said Thomas Noergaard, CEO of Comcores ApS. “Our optimized CPRI v6.0 core implementation targeting eASIC Nextreme-3 devices use a tiny fraction of the available resources and takes full advantage of the high performance, low power 12.5 Gbps serial transceivers allowing customers to implementing custom silicon solutions that can be immediately and cost effectively taken to market without having to compromise on cost, power, performance or time-to-market.”

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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