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  Date: 12/10/2014

Tesla model S electric car now powered by dual motor and autopilot hardware

Tesla Motors has announced that its new model S electric car is now equipped with dual electric motor and also autopilot hardware is standard on every new Model S.

Tesla has used electric motors at both front and back wheels, so that torque capability of the model S is enhanced and also driver can have better control over the motion of the car.

With its digital torque controls and low center of gravity, Dual Motor Model S has the most capable road holding and handling of any vehicle ever produced, said in the release by Tesla motors

Tesla says the dual motor propulsion system unlike in gasoline powered vehicles does not compromise the efficiency, the dual motor actually increases efficiency while delivering better traction and control in slippery conditions.

Tesla claims the dual motors also improve the mileage of the car by additional 10 miles of highway driving range compared to their rear motor Model S counterparts.

The Model S P85 has the ability to deliver 100 percent of peak torque from a standing start outperforming the best McLaren F1. With P85Dís 0 to 60 mph performance of 3.2 seconds is achieved.

Another interesting feature added in model S is introduction of hardware to support autopilot driving, helping drivers where the car steer automatically to stay within a single lane and also change lanes with a simple tap of turn signal. The new Model S is equipped with a radar in the front, and ultrasonic sensors placed all around the car to sense objects at 16 feet from the car, a forward-looking camera, and a digitally controlled electric assist braking system.

The new autopilot hardware helps in managing speed by reading road signs and using active, traffic aware cruise control. But it will take several months for all Autopilot features to be completed and uploaded to the cars, says Tesla.

Tesla also alerted its users the autopilot does not mean they are close to driverless cars, which are still years away from becoming a reality.

It's a great time for all lucky owners of Tesla model S to enjoy environment friendly drive at a comfort and luxury nothing less than gasoline powered cars.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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