OLED company JOLED formed by Sony, Panasonic, INCJ and JDI

Date: 31/07/2014
Sony, Panasonic, INCJ and JDI have together formed a new company called JOLED Inc., which integrate Sony and Panasonic's R&D functions for organic light-emitting diode ("OLED") display panels. JOLED is scheduled for official launch in January 2015.

Investors Innovation Network Corporation of Japan ("INCJ"), Japan Display Inc. ("JDI") hold 75% and 15% of the voting rights in JOLED, and Sony and Panasonic will each hold 5%.

The new JOLED to use printing technology for OLED production, transparent amorphous oxide semiconductor and flexible display technology. Initially, JOLED plans to focus primarily on development of medium-size OLED displays for use in tablets, mobile PCs, and signage. OLED displays are lighter thinner and flexible compared to LCD panels.

The presently popular AM-OLED (Active Matrix Organic LED) uses Thin Film Transistor (TFT) backplane to switch each individual pixel on or off.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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