Toyota and Panasonic connect smart-car to smart-home via cloud

Date: 09/06/2014
A smart-home and a smart-car are getting connected to stay even smarter. The preferred link is cloud. Toyota and Panasonic developing technology for linking cars with home appliances such as televisions, video equipment, and air conditioners using cloud computing resources. The tech expected to be launched in second half of this year.

The joint tech to leverage Toyota's cloud-based Toyota Smart Center, which links people, cars, and homes. Where as Panasonic, a leading maker of home appliances to develop new smart homes that are environment-friendly and connected to a network to support better lifestyles.

Both the companies have developed an interface to link their respective cloud services. They are developing apps for in-car operation and status checking of home appliances. For example, an app linked with vehicle GPS data will remind the user to turn off the air conditioner before leaving and also enable the user to turn it on remotely from the vehicle before arriving home.

By using this the smarter mobility-tech people, cars, homes, and communities are linked through cloud-based services.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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