NEC employs Single Mask Adaptable ASIC instead of FPGAs

Date: 14/04/2014
NEC goes for eASIC’s Nextreme-2 Single Mask Adaptable ASICs to optimize the performance and power of key functionality in their iPasolink backhaul products. Nextreme-2 Single Mask Adaptable ASIC devices to quickly enable differentiating advantages compared to other providers using FPGAs, as their products ramp to high volume with the global roll out of LTE, according to eASIC.

“Our customers, the global operators, are constantly needing a reduction in their total cost of ownership, an increased performance envelope and a fast time to deployment of their microwave backhaul solutions” said Mr. Atsushi Noro, Deputy General Manager, Mobile Wireless Solutions Division. “eASIC’s Single Mask Adaptable ASIC devices are exactly the technology to enable us to meet these operator requirements. As microwave units are getting smaller, NEC is able to reduce total cost of ownership for the operators through the significant power advantages of the eASIC devices,” added Noro.

Single Mask Adaptable ASIC are better replacement for FPGAs in meeting system performance and power reduction objectives in some applications, as per eASIC.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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