Large-sized panel shipment up 11% in March 2014, says TrendForce

Date: 16/04/2014
Large-sized panel shipment rose 11% MOM in March 2014 to 66.57 million units, according to TrendForce panel research division WitsView’s latest panel shipment research report.

“After reaching a restocking peak in March, large-sized panel demands will wane in April,”said Witsview Senior Research Manager Jeffy Chen. “Overall large-sized panel shipment will decline 6-7%, TV panels to drop 4-5%, while monitor and NB panel shipments will fall 7% and 14% respectively. Tablet panel shipments will remain similar to March or rise slightly by 1%.”

LCD TV panel shipments were up 22.4% to 20.99 million units in March 2014, due to Chinese May 1st holiday demands; the upcoming World Cup Games in Brazil; and previously lower basis period. Spurred by Korean and Chinese top six brands demands, monitor panel shipment reached 14.01 million units, climbing 15.6% MoM. The rebounding NB panel shipment grew 11.7% MoM to 15.88 million units in March under Microsoft’s low-cost NBs promotion program. Affected by brands’ constant inventory adjustments in the tablet market, March 2014 shipments have declined for four consecutive months since December last year by 4% MoM to 15.68 million units.

Strong 4K2K TV Panel Shipment Growth Reached 175% MoM

Supported by China’s May 1st holiday restock and international brands new model launches, 4K2K TV panel shipments soared. The overall 4K2K TV panel shipment in March surged 175% MOM to 1.06 million units. Penetration rates of 4K2K TV panels also were up from 2% in the previous month to 5.3%.

In terms of manufacturers’ market shares, Korean panel makers’ increase in under-50” product shipments raised market share from 35% in the previous month to 41%. Taiwanese panel makers were still in the lead for market shares with strong shipment momentum from 50”, 58”and 65”panels. However, intense competition from Korean manufacturers caused Taiwanese manufacturers market shares to drop from 55% last month to 50% in March 2014.

In view of shipment shares by panel sizes, 55”and 50” claimed the top two spots with 24% and 21% shares respectively. The 42” panel ranked in third with 13% market share. The 49” and 65” panels both had market shares of 11%. The five listed sizes controlled 80% of total 4K2K TV panel shipments.

Source: Trendforce

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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