mi!SmallCellPHY software is integrated with CommAgility's AdvancedMC module

Date: 04/04/2014
MIMOon's mi!SmallCellPHY software of MIMOon GmbH is integrated with CommAgility's AMC-D24A4-RF4 AdvancedMC module for creating a complete LTE physical layer solution ready to add L2/L3 stacks targeting LTE applications such as eNodeB implementations, test equipment, specialised systems and research and development projects.

The PHY software is supplied in binary format integrated with the card and charged with only a run-time license. MIMOon's mi!SmallCellPHY software provides a complete LTE physical layer for pico-, femto, and micro-cells on SDR, DSP and ASIC platforms. The software is fully compliant with 3GPP Releases 8 and 9.

Renuka Bhalerao, Senior Product Line Manager, Small Cells and Trillum Software, at Radisys, said, "CommAgility's advanced wireless hardware based on the TCI6636 SoC makes an ideal standard platform for our market leading TotaleNodeB software solution, which provides the rest of the functionality for a typical eNodeB system."

The new solution is available in mid 2014.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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