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  Date: 24/02/2014

Combined IoT solutions from Jasper and Axeda

Jasper Wireless and Axeda are offering combined solutions for IoT based connected services. The combined solution helps users to build their IoT solution and manage and grow their connected service business.

Jasper is providing cloud-based connected devices platform for the provisioning, rating and management of mobile IoT services. The Jasper Platform provides mobile operators and their enterprise customers with global visibility of connected devices and the services being delivered. Jasper Platform offers a live view of how devices are connecting to and using the mobile network.

Axeda provides an IoT platform that includes connectivity middleware to connect sensors, machines and products, and then process, organize and store the data. The Axeda platform includes development tools and APIs for accessing and integrating machine and sensor data as well as applications to remotely monitor, manage, track, service and control wired and wireless intelligent assets.

The combined solution can serve all enterprises, from those just getting started to those ready to create innovative applications and scale their solutions for global deployment.

"This alliance takes the Jasper solution a step further by enabling a combined solution that mobile operators can bring to enterprises. Our cloud-based model is highly customizable and provides customers with the added agility to innovate quickly around IoT and grow a successful M2M business," said Macario Namie, VP marketing at Jasper. "The alliance with Axeda will enable us to provide a best-in-class platform with powerful, flexible services and software for operators to maximize their revenue opportunity and deliver to enterprises a comprehensive solution for managing their connected devices network."

"Axeda provides an end-to-end solution that simplifies the process of connecting, building and managing machine and sensor data, and together with Jasper we allow operators to quickly and easily launch IoT programs that drive new revenue," said David Canavan, EVP of business development at Axeda.

The combined solution is going to be displayed at Mobile World Congress.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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