STM32 developers can now get the benefit of ARM mbed

Date: 18/12/2013
STMicroelectronics is new member of ARM mbed Project. This allows embedded systems designers developing systems using ARM Cortex based STM32 family of microcontrollers, a free access to the mbed software, development tools and online collaboration platform.

ARM mbed is formed to support development of Internet of Things (IoT). STMicroelectronics is estimated to be a top vendor of ARM Cortex based microcontroller in the market and is offering the broad range of its STM32 microcontroller range at a price as low as $0.32.

“The mbed project is bringing together leading technology companies to create a step change in productivity for embedded device development,” said Simon Ford, director, IoT Platforms, ARM. “We have learnt from the web and smartphone revolutions that by building an open-source software platform with reusable software components and free development and collaboration tools, we can enable the creation of IoT and smart devices on a previously unimagined scale.”

“By joining the mbed project, ST is enabling developers across diverse markets to quickly prototype and create new products based on leading-edge STM32 microcontrollers,” said Daniel Colonna, Microcontrollers Marketing Manager at ST. “The support for mbed will be launched with a brand new line of STM32 microcontroller development boards to provide a consistent way to develop with devices across the STM32 portfolio at hardware and software levels.”

The first mbed-enabled STM32 development boards will be launched in February 2014, and support for other boards and targets will follow. You can learn more at

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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