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  Date: 30/12/2013

Connectivity anywhere and to anything to drive technology market

One of the trend we are seeing now is people are spending lot more time inside the car while they are commuting to the office or on a trip. They are expecting same connectivity experience in their car and in their office, what they are experiencing with their smart devices at home.

For internet browsing, social-media activity, people want to have the same experience wherever they are (inside the car/office or at home), so all these gadgets like tablet, smart phone, and other types of devices are getting inside your car in the form of infotainment systems with seamless connectivity. This is one important trend already started and is going to drive the automotive electronics market further in year 2014. While this is about connectivity anywhere, there is another bigger trend of connecting to anything.

The technology for connecting to anything is called Internet of things. Internet of things is a buzzword now. It's not just the people inside the car connecting to the Internet, the whole car and the parts and assemblies of the car are also going to get connected to the Internet. Similarly the home and the systems in the home such as washing machines, energy-meters, home security systems are all going to connected to the Internet. The lighting systems inside the home can also be controlled through Internet.

Vivek Tyagi, Country Sales Director, Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt. Ltd. has said the below comments on the growth prospects of Internet of things:

"The key thing is if you look at the year 2003, the world population was around 6.8 billion people with 6 billion connected devices connected to the Internet, so on an average for a population of the world, there was one connected device per person, but that grew to 2X in year is 2010, so the population was 6.8 billion but the connected devices were 12.5 Billion, by 2015 which is around the corner, it is expected to be 3.5 devices per person, this is around 25 billion devices which covers laptops, tablets, smart phones and any other kind of devices.

"And With this Internet of things wave, we are expecting your lighting modules talking to Internet, your home appliances talking to Internet. It is expected by 2020-- something like 50 billion may be connected to Internet, which if that happens will be 6.5 times the population of the world in 2020.

Both these trends points to development of devices whether mobile or fixed systems like TVs, which need to support these two features of connectivity; ' connecting anywhere' and 'connecting to anything'.

So the year 2014 electronics and even the broad tech market is powered by "Connectivity anywhere and to anything"
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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