LEDinside: Indigenous chips in 80% of Chinese LED chip market

Date: 13/12/2013
LEDinside of TrendForce has reported in 2013 Chinese LED packaging market value increased far quicker than the global average. LEDinside says LED lighting is still the largest application field of 2013 Chinese LED packaging market, accounting for 42%. LEDinside finds indigenous chips has accounted for almost 80% in the 2013 Chinese chip market.

For backlight field, LEDinside analyst Allen Yu said that with the support of Chinese TV and mobile phone manufacturers, Mainland package manufacturers gradually replacing that in Taiwan, Japan and Korea in the market has become an irreversible trend. In TV backlight field, Refond, DSBJ, AMTC, Shineon and other manufacturers all got fast-growing performance, and entered into China’s top six TV manufacturers' supply chain.

LEDinside finds in 2013, EMC lead frame materials, flip chip, CSP and other emerging technologies appeared.

LEDinside expects that the global LED lighting product shipment will grow by 68% in 2014, with the production value reaching 17.8 billion U.S. dollars.