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  Date: 09/12/2013

10 technology predictions for 2014 by Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics said form-factor, features and user-case definitions will define success or failure in emerging industry sectors including Wearable Devices and Smart TVs. 2014 is a make or break year for non-traditional device categories; creating compelling user experiences that meet the needs and demands of consumers will be critical to success, as per Strategy Analytics.

"If you consider industries such as Wearable Devices and Smart TVs, these are two sectors which will be made or broken in 2014" commented Paul Brown, Director, UXIP. "Considering their current hype, it will be interesting to see just where the wearable market will be by the end of 2014 and how well these products have been received. For Smart TVs, arguably, these products need reinventing to elicit any form of success in 2014; it will be up to the manufacturers to define their course through the coming months" continued Mr. Brown.

"We will continue to study the interactions between the user and the device and look to uncover user behaviors, motivations and interests which will truly define the technology that we find within the automotive, wireless device, connected home and digital media industries" commented Kevin Nolan, VP, UXIP at Strategy Analytics. "As we look forward to 2014, the following predictions aim to provide some guidance as to where innovations in technology will truly impact the user" continued Mr. Nolan.

The UXIP 10 technology predictions for 2014 are on these below themes:
Wearable Devices Need Clearer Use Cases to Reach Mainstream Consumers
Smartphone Camera Wars Will Shift from Focus on Resolution to Experiences
Localization Continues to be Emphasized for Chinese Consumers
Low Energy Bluetooth will Enhance Location-based Services
Content Aggregator Apps will Strengthen in User Adoption and Continue to Change how Information is Consumed
OTT SVOD Services Will Accelerate as a Threat to Traditional Broadcast TV
Smart TVs May or May Not Experience an iPhone Moment
Consumers Will Begin to Experience Autonomous Driving
Automotive Connectivity UX Will Reach a Tipping Point
HMI Advances in the Car Will Deliver a Safer Connected Experience
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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