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  Date: 18/11/2013

imec Offers fab related services to Indian customers of TSMC

Imec has extended cooperation agreement with TSMC to offer full mask tape out and wafer production to Indian fabless semiconductor companies, system and design houses. Imec says the TSMC customers in India will gain enhanced technical support and fast access to TSMC foundry services through the new collaborative agreement with imec.

For prototyping of the designed ASICs, customers can access TSMC Cybershuttle services through imec. In addition Customer-Owned Tooling (COT) services are available, such as access to TSMC technology files, library licenses, design support, GDSII submission, and preparation for production. Imec also offers its own digital backend design services and has extensive experience in qualification, packaging, test, and failure and yield analysis to further facilitate the process of bringing qualified ASIC solutions to the market.

“Entrepreneurial ASIC teams can increase their knowledge while accelerating their time-to-market success by tapping into the resources of TSMC and imec,” said Sajiv Dalal, Vice President, TSMC North America. “We have a long history with imec of collaborating on design and manufacturing, making this combination an expert support team for emerging new players who want to bring their innovations to the world.”

“Over the past six years, imec has successfully supported more than 200 companies in Europe in designing and producing qualified ASIC solutions as a TSMC VCA in Europe, and earlier this year, we extended our VCA activities for TSMC in Brazil,” said Steve Beckers, general manager imec services at imec. “Through our local representation in Bangalore (imec India), we are now reaching out to the Indian market to further extend our VCA service for TSMC. Combining imec’s and TSMC’s strengths, we are well-positioned to support market growth of Indian semiconductor and design companies, while also spearheading research advancements in the region to drive further innovation.”
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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