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  Date: 22/10/2013

Cypress to make quantum computing processor ICs for D-Wave

D-Wave, one of the pioneer in inventing quantum computing-based microprocessor chips has selected Cypress Semiconductor as its semiconductor foundry to make quantum computing-based processor chips. Cypress Semiconductor, which is not seeing quarterly revenue growth in its recently reported quarter, can now tilt its revenue curve upwards, if this foundry partnership becomes successful.

To tell you more on the D-Wave Systems. D-Wave has done significant amount of research in inventing key technologies to build chips for commercial quantum computers. So far D-Wave is granted with 100 patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This achievement comparable to leading computer research companies such as IBM, HP and Fujitsu.

D-Wave has done great amount of research in the area such as physics, system architecture, manufacturing and computer science, all the way from basic concepts to manufacturing of quantum processor chips. Some of the research elements in quantum processing include superconducting qubits and magnetic shielding and cooling.

D-Wave had shared in its release that its new 512-qubit quantum computer, the D-Wave Two, to be installed at the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, a collaboration among NASA, Google and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) in 3rd Quarter of 2013.

D-Wave has selected Cypress Semiconductor as its foundry and started the site change in January of 2013, and Cypress delivered first silicon on June 26.

Cypress is selected for its ability to support D-Wave's unique materials and processing flow, as per Eric Ladizinsky, D-Wave co-founder and Chief Scientist. He says "The yield results we saw on first silicon exceeded our expectations and validate that Cypress was the right foundry choice for our technology development and processor production.

quntum computer processor

Now there is a clear trend of merchant semiconductor companies with fab offering foundry services. Even Intel is doing now. Industry can expect more merchant semiconductor companies offering fab services.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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