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  Date: 22/09/2013

Car infotainment systems made secure

To protect the advanced connected-car from hackers and other security threats, Symphony Teleca, and Guardtime have announced a partnership to bring new security, safety, maintenance and reliability capabilities to enhance the Connected Car ecosystem.

Symphony Teleca and Guardtime KSI create solutions to enhance the security and reliability of the connected car software lifecycle, whether from delivery mechanisms such as Over The Air (OTA), or directly from the maintenance portal.

Guardtime's Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) is an alternative technology for authenticating electronic data. KSI uses attestation-based security model where complex mathematical "tags" are attached directly to the data, which makes any access to that data a documented and verifiable event. Time, identity, authenticity and historical provenance of the data is protected and verified in real-time using Guardtime's patented 'proof-based' technology; instead of protections afforded by administrators or credentials that can be compromised.

Mike Gault, Guardtime's CEO commented "When we looked for partners to implement our technology, we asked ourselves who is building the devices, software and clouds that make up the Connected Car ecosystem on a global basis… Symphony Teleca is designing the interfaces, building and integrating the software in the car and managing the Cloud in the back end for Primary automotive brands and Tier 1 providers to those brands on a global scale. Their engagement in every piece of Connected Car will allow Guardtime's KSI technology to be rapidly deployed into the ecosystem from the car, through the applications and Mobile devices and into the Cloud."

Russ Cavan, Symphony Teleca's VP and Global Head of Products and Platform Strategy said "As we talk with our automotive customers we realize that Cyber Liability is the elephant in the room. With Guardtime, we can now provide assurance to the data transiting what we design, build and host, as well as the principle of Mutual Auditability to our customers keeping the ecosystem accountable."
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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