AMI granted US Patent on data storage capacity expansion tech

Date: 17/09/2013
American Megatrends is granted a patent for its innovations related to storage capacity expansion in a data storage system. US Patent No. 8,499,136, titled “Method, System and Apparatus for Expanding Storage Capacity in a Data Storage System”, was awarded to AMI on July 30, 2013. AMI has over 50 patents related specifically to data storage technologies.

American Megatrends explains: The innovation behind this patent involves the live migration of a storage pool, or container, during the process of adding storage capacity to the existing storage array. The technique described in this patent provides for instantaneous capacity expansion, with the added benefit of eliminating downtime, configuration time and similar productivity losses. This technology also opens up additional flexibility for adding additional arrays and groups of disks with minimal impact on the underlying logical disk structure within the storage pool.

“With this new patent award, AMI has reached an important milestone as we continue to innovate in the data storage space,” commented Sukha Ghosh, Vice President of Engineering for American Megatrends. “AMI remains as committed as ever to making great strides in our storage technology portfolio, and these latest patent awards will empower the next generation of StorTrends products to bring even more powerful solutions to market.”

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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