Plastic electronics event in Europe to focus on manufacturability

Date: 12/09/2013
Easy to manufacture plastic electronics is now focusing more on commercialising the technology, and the manufacturability of plastic electronics systems and devices. At the 9th Plastic Electronics Exhibition & Conference in Dresden, industry experts are delivering speeches and presentations on recent advances in organic semiconductor and plastic electronics technology.

The market is still not big, but is a growth potential market. As per the forecast by market researcher Yole Développement, the market for printed and flexible electronics to remain a modest ~$176 million this year, but will see 27 percent CAGR to ~$950 million by 2020, driven largely by printed layers integrated into large OLED displays.
The presenters and speakers at the ninth plastic electronics exhibition and conference includes:
1. Richard Friend, professor at Cambridge University, to share overview on how recent scientific advances in organic semiconductor technology are impacting future technologies (Tuesday, October 8, 13:30).

2. Plastic Logic COO Konrad Herre is going to talk on the creation of exciting new concepts which sometimes lead to new technologies. He will discuss a “very rare journey”…the transformation of a “raw idea” through actual first “proof of concept” and then real commercialization, as it relates to the development of organic electronics. (Wednesday, October 9 at 10:00).

3. Dr. Dietrich Bertram, manager of Philips Lighting's OLED Global Business Unit to present overview of Philips' OLED activities and the current industry situation (Wednesday, October 9, 11:30). .

Further plenary sessions cover the “Path to the Next-Generation Display Technology” (Ching Tang, Rochester University), “Heterogeneous Integration Tools for Smart Integrated Systems for Healthcare” (Salvatore Coffa, STMicroelectronics) and many more.

The Plastic Electronics Exhibition & Conference 2013 is hosted by the SEMI Plastic Electronics Special Interest Group (PE-SIG).

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Correction: The presenter from Plastic Logic is changed, Konrad Herre replaces Indro Mukerjee .

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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