Sony and Panasonic partner to develop 300 GB optical discs by 2015

Date: 29/07/2013
The Japanese optical disc storage experts Sony and Panasonic are joining hands to develop optical discs with recording capacity of at least 300 GB by end of 2015. Both to work on new standards and specifications for increased storage.

Although flash memory storage is becoming very popular optical discs are still in use to store large content. Optical discs are said to withstand changing temperature and humidity and are also resistant to dust and water, which makes them an alternate option to backup the digital-content, particularly the big-data.

Both Sony and Panasonic have developed products based on Blu-ray format, they're going to leverage each other's expertise in optical disc storage to develop better product.

Sony says it has previously commercialized a file-based optical disc archive system in September, 2012. Sony explains: Based on optical disc technology that Sony cultivated for its XDCAM series of professional broadcasting products, this system houses twelve optical discs within a compact cartridge as a single, high-capacity storage solution. Each disc within the cartridge holds 25GB capacity, offering a total range of storage capacities from 300GB to 1.5TB.

Similarly Panasonic has also launched its ‘LB-DM9 series’ of optical disc storage devices, where a dedicated magazine of just 20.8mm thickness to house twelve 100GB optical discs, a maximum of 90 magazines can be stored, providing a total storage capacity of 180TB. Panasonic adopted a newly-developed changer system together with RAID technology to offer rapid data transfer performance of up to 216MB/s, while also ensuring high reliability by protecting data from unforeseen faults.

These days every business and every individual who is using digital data need to archive the content on regular basis, the optical disc storage it cheaper than other media and also quite reliable. The flash memory cost is decreasing and capacities increasing, the same trend is now seen in optical storage also, even the magnetic disk storage is also maintaining same trend resulting in coexistence of different types of storage options for the IT user.