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  Date: 15/07/2013

eSilicon and GLOBALFOUNDRIES together offering package services for QuickLogic

eSilicon has announced it has worked with GLOBALFOUNDRIES in providing cost-effective packaging solutions to QuickLogic Corporation's ArcticLink III family of display bridges. QuickLogic has employed eSilicon services to pack its ArcticLink devices in most needy package to different customers with in a short span of time.

QuickLogic's ArcticLink III display-bridge solution comes in two versions namely ArcticLink III BX and ArcticLink III VX. ArcticLink III BX family of display bridge chips are used to connect to processor to displays, if their displays interfaces are not same. The bridge chips such as ArcticLink III BX helps designers to choose displaypanels or processors with different video interfaces. There are 15 silicon variants of ArcticLink III BX MIPI DSI or RGB inputs to MIPI-DSI, LVDS, and/or RGB outputs display interfaces. The ArcticLink III VX are also serves same purpose of ArcticLink III BX but with on-device Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) and Display Power Optimizer (DPO) features.

QuickLogic's ArcticLink III display-bridge solution family uses a 120-ball, 4.5mm x 4.5mm package with a 0.4mm ball pitch. The display bridge solutions enable OEMs to quickly solve processor-display bridging challenges, extend battery life and enhance bright sunlight viewability for mobile applications. QuickLogic's family of display bridges is currently in production.

"eSilicon's ability to take on a 65nm design quickly to meet our market window was paramount. Additionally, eSilicon's full-service back-end capabilities, including in-house expertise in emerging package technology, benefitted the overall project," said Rajiv Jain, senior director of operations, QuickLogic.

"When we originally planned the device, we selected a wire-bond package, based on certain assumptions. However, MIPI interface constraints, coupled with a disproportionately high number of I/Os on one side of the die, made the wire-bond package impossible to use. We decided to use an FOWLCSP package. After completing a detailed risk assessment, we determined this was the most cost-effective solution to meet market requirements," said Javier DeLaCruz, senior director of engineering, eSilicon.

"Collaboration was the hallmark of our engagement with eSilicon and their implementation of QuickLogic's family of display-bridge solutions," said Craig Luhrmann, vice president of channels at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. "eSilicon employed a broad array of skills in optimizing the solution, leveraging GLOBALFOUNDRIES technologies and flexibility."

To learn more on the ArcticLink III visit:
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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