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  Date: 01/07/2013

ADSL/VDSL2 Wi-Fi gateway from Sagemcom powered by 802.11n ICs from Quantenna

Belgacom has started to deploy to its broadband customers in Belgium the new ADSL/VDSL2 Wi-Fi concurrent dual band gateway called from Sagemcom designed using Quantenna 4x4 MIMO WLAN chipsets working in the 5GHz band. Bbox3's WiFi uses 802.11n standards to stream video content and data throughout the home to multiple TVs as well as to tablets and smart phones wirelessly. The new Bbox3 gateway also acts as an open access point that interoperates with third party clients.

“Our residential customers demand reliable voice, several high definition video streams, high-speed data services, as well as user-friendly features to easily associate their own devices, with the security settings. We are glad to extend our partnership with Sagemcom on the new Bbox3 after the successful deployment of the Sagemcom Bbox 2 since 2008. The innovative Quantenna solution was found to be the only one that satisfies the rigid criteria for our coverage and quality,” said Patrick Delcoigne, Director Network Innovation & Engineering of Belgacom. “As we can replace the traditional powerline for distribution of the video to the TV decoders, the Quantenna solution offered the same reliability and quality as the wired technologies. This is exciting for us as it will enable us to roll the multi-screen services with low costs and give our customers great flexibility on where to place their TVs. We will use this powerful Quantenna solution in several of our new devices.”

“Sagemcom has built a reputation for offering the industry's highest-quality gateway networking products, and Quantenna 802.11 products enabled us to continue that tradition as we help service providers roll their multi-media multi-room wireless networks. This helps service providers lower their Opex and differentiate their services,” said Ahmed Selmani Deputy CEO, Managing Director of Broadband and Residential Terminals BU of Sagemcom.

“We are excited to be adding Belgacom to the list of the service providers that are deploying Quantenna solutions. Quantenna 4x4 Wi-Fi technology is replacing wired technologies like PLC or MoCA to deliver payTV and broadband services to multi-room deployments. Our 4x4 solutions have been chosen due to their wire-like quality and the coverage they provide,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO at Quantenna. “We value our relationship with Sagemcom and we look forward to further this partnership with our 802.11ac chipset.”
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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