Combination of gaze and touch to control your laptop

Date: 25/06/2013
The two user interface experts Tobii Technology and Synaptics have made a prototype laptop controlled by Synaptics ForcePad touchpad and Tobii Gaze eye-tracking technology.

“This is an extremely exciting time in the evolution of human computing. The combination of gaze and touch literally redefines the human computer interface for notebook and desktop PC users, who want the ultimate intuitive computer experience,” said Stan Swearingen, chief technology officer and senior vice president of advanced development at Synaptics. “This prototype brings to life how Synaptics’ ForcePad, the industry’s highest-performing and most innovative touchpad solution, can harness the power of Tobii Gaze to bring all users a new and unparalleled user experience. Tobii Gaze has the potential to open up new markets and drive exponential product development opportunities for OEMs.”

“Computers are becoming truly multimodal, and by teaming up with leading-edge technology partners we are expanding the scope of eye-tracking applications and creating superior user interfaces,” said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii Technology. “We are excited about our partnership with Synaptics, as it is instrumental in showing how eye-tracking technology such as Tobii Gaze can serve multiple functions and applications in the market. At Tobii, we are pioneering innovation with a broad array of technology leaders and developers to create a more natural and intuitive experience for computer users.”

the eye-tracking interface from Tobii Gaze controls the computer by combining their eye gaze with other controls, such as touch, mouse and keyboard. Synaptics ForcePad also sense the touch pressure as an additional control element of touch.