CG to make LED lamps for Indian market using Bridgelux LEDs

Date: 09/04/2013
CG to make LED based Solid State Lighting (SSL) products to business, government and mass market consumers by using Bridgelux made LEDs. CG has licensed proprietary technology developed by Bridgelux for LED streetlights, luminaires, LED arrays, drivers, optics, and other components. Bridgelux said it will provide technology and support on design, and application engineering for commercial and industrial lighting products such as streetlights, down lights, high bays and medium bays, and well glass.

Bridgelux says The Indian LED market is projected to grow to Rs 1400 crore ($257.4 million) by 2016, and CG has a unique opportunity to generate substantial business value from this segment and significantly increase its market share. CG currently commands a 30% market share in India’s street lighting, which is rapidly adopting LED technology. "

Bridgelux CEO Brad Bullington said, “We are very proud to be working with CG in expanding the market for solid state lighting in India. Not only will the company’s LED streetlights and other fixtures save its customers tremendous amounts of energy, but LEDs also provide a way to economically integrate networking and communications into homes and buildings. When you hear people talk about the ‘Smart City’ they are really talking about the proliferation of LED.”

CG CEO and Managing Director Laurent Demortier said, “As India’s leading supplier of street lights, the technology agreement with Bridgelux further strengthens CG’s position, while simultaneously bringing down overall costs and promoting energy savings with the use of LEDs. I thank Bridgelux for placing trust in CG’s brand leadership and strength in the Indian market, and look forward to working with them to offer state-of-the-art lighting solutions to our consumers.”