TSMC's 55 nm process to shrink flash memory by 80% SRAM by 70%

Date: 15/04/2013
Altera is using TSMC's 55 nm Embedded Flash (EmbFlash) process technology for making its FPGA chips. TSMC’s 55 nm EmbFlash is designed to target a wide range of low-power, high-volume applications in a variety of markets, including automotive and industrial.

Altera says compared to prior generation embedded flash, TSMC’s 55 nm EmbFlash delivers faster computing, increases gate density 10 times and shrinks flash and SRAM cell sizes by 70 percent and 80 percent respectively.

“Our relationship with TSMC is built on a shared commitment to delivering the latest technologies and capabilities to customers,” said Reda Razouk, vice president of process technology development at Altera. “Adding 55 nm EmbFlash to our product portfolio extends Altera’s tailored strategy in which Altera optimizes its device families based on process technology, architecture and application-specific IP to meet system requirements.”

“TSMC’s continued investment in technologies such as 55 nm EmbFlash broadens opportunities for customers like Altera,” said Jason Chen, TSMC senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing. “By aligning our business and technology goals, Altera can make its customers’ products more competitive.”