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  Date: 14/04/2013

Toshiba's analog IC focus in 2013

Toshiba has announced it will concentrate on three analog IC fields: analog, automotive and communications in 2013. Toshiba to strengthen entire line-ups in each of these fields.

The semiconductor devices Toshiba highlighted in analog field includes power management, motor drivers and other analog power ICs, microcontrollers for medical and industrial applications. Example applications of analog Ics quoted by Toshiba includes power control ICs for wireless power charging, motor drivers for lens control of SLR cameras, motor drivers for smart refrigerators and microcontrollers embedded with analog functions for medical equipment.

Toshiba's focus in automotive field includes analog ICs for automotive applications, microcontrollers for automotive applications, image display & recognition processors for automotive applications. Toshiba develops LSIs for number of functions of conventional vehicles and to support safe driving, Toshiba is strengthening development of devices for HEVs and EVs and for ADAS.
Some of the latest product by Toshiba includes Vivace series and Presto series of motor control microcontrollers with ISO 26262 ASIL-D-compliant, the TB9141 series of battery monitor ICs for 16-cell Li-ion batteries, and the Visconti series of image recognition processor LSIs.

The communication ICs focused by Toshiba includes transceiver ICs for close-proximity and Short-range wireless communication. Toshiba's products for close-proximity wireless communication include NFC chipsets for smartphones, TransferJet-compliant ICs and modules for smartphones and tablet PCs, and TransferJet-compliant accessories.

Mr. Takashi Arai, Senior Manager of Analog Devices Product Engineering Department, Analog and Imaging IC Division, says "Capitalizing on our technological capabilities covering development, cost, quality, and supply, cultivated through our longstanding commitment to the analog field, we will supply highly competitive products. For maximum customer convenience, we offer comprehensive solutions based on our ‘MACS’—Microcontrollers, Analog ICs, Communication ICs, and CMOS Sensors, all of which are in the Analog and Imaging IC Division's product portfolio."
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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