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  Date: 25/03/2013

LCD TV revenues fall in 2012 and the makers are cautious on 2013

NPD DisplaySearch reports annual global LCD TV shipments declined for the first time ever in 2012, down 1% to 203 million. The first three quarters were continuously down and fourth quarter of 2012 has seen a small growth of 0.6%, as per DisplaySearch. Vendors are cautious on the prospect of growth in 2013.

“Global demand for LCD TVs declined 18% Y/Y in developed regions in 2012, and the growth in emerging markets was not nearly enough to offset this decline in some of the world’s highest volume regions,” observed Paul Gagnon, Director of Global TV Research for NPD DisplaySearch. “Economic conditions certainly had an impact on demand, but a very mild price erosion also played a role, as global average selling prices for flat panel TVs fell a mere 2% Y/Y in 2012 compared to a 5% decline in 2011 and double digit declines in 2010.”

Other finding reported by NPD DisplaySearch includes:

Total global TV shipments fell over 6% Y/Y in 2012, from 249 million to 233 million. On a regional basis, North America shipments were essentially flat in comparison to 2011, with the US accounting for 89.7% of North American volume according to new data available from NPD DisplaySearch. However, shipments to both Japan and Western Europe fell sharply, declining 68% and 15% Y/Y, respectively. China was once again the world’s largest market for TV shipments, with demand rising 6% to nearly 52 million, signaling the first time any region has reached an annual volume of more than 50 million. Growth slowed in the other emerging regions, including Asia Pacific, MEA, and Latin America, all of which declined in volume. Eastern Europe was the only region with strong growth in 2012, rising 17% Y/Y in volume as analog to digital transitions drove purchasing.

Table 1: 2012 Worldwide TV Shipments by Technology (000s)


Source: NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Advanced Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report

Samsung Reaches New Flat Panel TV Revenue Share Record in 2012

Samsung’s global flat panel TV revenue share reached a new record high of 27.7% in 2012, up from 25% in 2011, with total flat panel TV revenues increasing 6% Y/Y. LGE ranked second in 2012, with the company’s shipments accounting for 15% of global flat panel TV revenues and also enjoying revenue growth during the year.

Japanese brands Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp rounded out the top 5 global flat panel TV brands on a revenue basis, but their collective share declined 6% in 2012. The revenue share for all Japanese brands fell by over 8% as their focus shifted from volume to profits. Japanese TV brands have also been hit hard by the massive decline in the Japanese TV market. Chinese TV brands experienced strong growth in 2012, because domestic growth was strong, but they also gained share outside of China. Collectively, Chinese TV brands accounted for more than 20% of global flat panel TV revenues and are aggressively targeting expansion overseas.

Table 2: 2012 Worldwide Flat Panel TV Brand Rankings by Revenue Share


Source: NPD DisplaySearch Advanced Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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