Avago and Corning combine their technologies in offering new optical solutions

Date: 11/03/2013
Avago Technologies and Corning are collaborating on new optical cabling connectivity solutions. Avago' pluggable transceivers and Atlas optical engines at 40G/100G and Corning's ClearCurve OM4 optical fiber and Corning’s Pretium EDGE Solutions are used in developing new optical solutions.

“We are extremely excited to work closely with Corning to demonstrate our capability of exceeding industry standards with Avago standard product offerings. By combining the technological strength of two industry leaders, we are able to allow our customers greater flexibility in solving the challenges of the data center environment,” said Steve Shultis, director of product marketing at Avago Technologies.

“Corning is pleased to join Avago in testing product solutions that will provide economical, high-bandwidth capabilities,” said Stuart Hoiness, senior vice president, Enterprise Networks for Corning Cable Systems. “Avago’s optics transceivers and embedded optics at 40G/100G ensure data center infrastructures are as efficient as technologically possible.”