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   Date: 27th July 2010

The Multicore Association adds four new members

The Multicore Association membership has added four new members. EADS will be the newest member of its executive board whereas Argon Design, Cavium Networks, and Qualcomm will be the newest working group members.

EADS provides aerospace, defense, and related services. The company develops and markets civil and military aircraft, as well as communications systems, missiles, space rockets, satellites, and related systems. Its divisions include Airbus, Military Transport Aircraft Division, Eurocopter, EADS Astrium, and EADS Defence & Security.

Argon Design is a UK based company and provides product design and development services in market sectors such as embedded systems, industrial control, multicore and parallel processing systems, multimedia consumer products, and semiconductors.

Cavium Networks is a company that delivers semiconductor for networking, communications, and digital home applications. Its portfolio includes processors ranging from 100 Mbps to 40 Gbps.

Qualcomm provides technologies for mobile communications and consumer electronics.

"Adding these four companies to our membership is a big step toward fulfilling the ultimate goal of the Multicore Association: to have a very wide range of companies participating in our working groups to help ensure sufficiently balanced industry standards," said Markus Levy, president of the Multicore Association. "The diversity of these new members reflects the breadth and scope of the multicore ecosystem and will do much to strengthen our organization's efforts toward developing standards and best practices for multicore processor implementations."

Multicore Association says that Multicore represents a significant trend in processor technology and is being adopted by the majority of system developers seeking higher-performance capabilities and lower power consumption. The Multicore Association is working to enable the widespread adoption of multicore processor implementations by setting standards and guidelines for how systems will be utilized and programmed.

The Multicore Association provides three levels of membership, with executive board, working group, and university members. The executive board helps determine the overall direction of the organization. Working group members are eligible to work on any of the working groups. University members may participate in any of the Multicore Association's ongoing development work, for which current projects include multicore virtual machine interface standardization, multicore resource management and communication APIs, and multicore programming practices.

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