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   Date: 22nd July 2010

Databeans: ADI is number one vendor of ADC and DAC ICs with 46% market share

Databeans claims in a newly issued market research report titled "2010 Data Converters," that Analog Devices leads the worldwide data converter market with a 46 percent share. Databeans also says that Analog Devices continues to lead the data converter market worldwide with a majority share that is larger than the combined market share of the nearest eight competitors. Data converter semiconductor devices inlcude both analog and digital converters as well as digital to analog converter type analog semiconductor devices.

"With a 2009 market share exceeding twice that of its nearest competitor, Analog Devices continues to sit atop the $2.4 billion data converter market," said Susie Inouye, principal analyst for Databeans. "By continuously improving converter architectures and process technologies, ADI is able to meet customer performance benchmarks across a diverse and expanding customer base within industrial, healthcare, communications, consumer and automotive markets."

The Databeans report forecasts that 2010 data converter revenue is likely increase by more than 20 percent from the previous year. In the long term, Databeans estimates that the market for converters should continue to experience an average annual growth rate of nine percent through 2015.

"In an increasingly digital world the need for analog technology - especially data converters - becomes even more important," said Dick Meaney, vice president, Converter Group, Analog Devices. "More digital technology places new demands on and for signal conversion technology. It is the data converters that manage this signal conversion and in many instances defines the performance of today's digital devices. ADI has grown its global data converter market share over the last decade to 46 percent, which is greater than the next eight competitors combined, by continuing to invest aggressively to provide customers with performance leading data converter technology and signal processing functionality".

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