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   25th Feb 09

 Its market boom for green semiconductor products

The green is money; environment friendly semiconductor products are no more environments maniac's terms. They are now market terms. Why should we have different battery chargers for each type of phone? Even for the phones by same mobile maker, there are different chargers. Why can't somebody develop a pluggable White LED light with built in LED driver? When so many mobile phone chargers are eating dust in many houses can be used to light up few LED lamps. Some creative idea inside the charger can surely convert it into small emergency lamp by powering it back from mobile phone battery.

There are millions of houses in India who don't have a proper emergency light source when power fails, but most of them own a mobile phone due its economic advantages. So why can't somebody make a charger with 2-3 Watts capacities and fix few LED lamps in them, which can glow, from the mains source and also from the battery of mobile phone when power fails.

This is just a raw idea, this idea can be thought further to come out with viable solution.
There are such opportunities for power electronics developers, mobile phone makers and semiconductor vendors to work together to develop and research on environmental friendly products. Here the partnership really works better.
The streetlights is one more opportunity, poor light is better than no-lights. Since many streets does not deserve bright light through out the day. They can be illuminated with LED light in the range of 20 to 40 watts. There can be also additional circuitry embedded into these lights to switch them on and off according to ambient light. ST Microelectronics has done some work in this regard.

One particular solution that has been developed by ST Greater China Competence Center is the Solar LED street light solution. It is composed of two modules: an 85W solar charger and a 25W LED Driver.

ST Microelectronics is also showcasing few other energy saving products at IIC-China 2009 for areas such as green air-conditioning, and eBike.

It's not only ST Microelectronics, there are many other power semiconductor IC vendors who offer LED lighting and energy saving solutions. Any interested developers can look for NXP Semiconductor, Texas Instruments (TI), Maxim Integrated Products, National Semiconductor, and Analog Devices, Linear Technology, Analogic Tech, Micrel, and On Semiconductor for LED drivers. Most of these vendors provide ready reference designs. Tweak in little bit to have your customized product.

Please note these vendors listed above are not complete and their order does not indicate any thing, its only to give the reader an idea on sample of familiar companies.

In power starved regions like India, there are enormous opportunities to develop energy efficient products.

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