The ill effects of Wistron-India incident

Date: 01/01/2021
On Dec 12, 2020, huge number people mainly consisting of Wistron's contract employees vandalized electronics manufacturing facility of Wistron at Narasapur, a place not more than 60 KMs from India's IT hub Bangalore. Wistron estimates the damages caused loss close to 60 million US$s, as per reports.

This event is a learner for both employees as well as employers. Increase in youth population is good for Nation provided they work and deliver. So young India need more jobs and so more companies who can invest in India. At any cost they can't risk big investors turn away from India for their unruly behaviour. And at same time, employees need to be decently paid and payment should never be delayed by companies which are not facing business losses.

There should be communication system for the employees to share their views sometimes against the management. HRD system need to be robust enough to listen to disgruntled employees. Employees background information checks need to done with very reliable sources with high accuracy.

Particularly for Asian companies, they shoud be aware that Indian youths are powered by vibrant democracy, sometimes this gives more than required power in their hands due to various issues. Their collective-power is sometimes overused. Western companies who have manufacturing operations since many decades have learned to live with Indian system.

Onething is sure, Bangalore and sorrounding-growth is unstoppable. Its just some hurdle both jobseekers and as well investors have to cross in this growth-run.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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