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FS7 IGBT from onsemi can down power losses by 10% and up density by 9%

Date: 27/02/2024
Discrete semiconductor leader onsemi launched new 25A-rated SPM31 IGBT power modules with Field Stop 7 (FS7) technology which can reduce power losses by up to 10% and increase power density by up to 9%.


These IPMs promise enhanced efficiency, smaller footprint, and higher power density compared to existing solutions, catering to the increasing demand for energy-efficient and lower-carbon solutions in various industries.

The SPM31 IPMs are engineered to control power flow in three-phase inverter drive applications like heat pumps, commercial HVAC systems, servo motors, and industrial pumps and fans. By precisely adjusting the frequency and voltage supplied to three-phase motors, these modules maximize efficiency and minimize power losses.

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Application note: Three-phase Inverter Power Module 1200 V SPM 31 Version 2 Series