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Exclusive application-specific analog IC to flag over-temperature in electronics

Date: 26/05/2023
Toshiba has launched an application-specific analog IC to detect and flag any abnormal rise in temperature of electronics systems. The new IC series called Thermoflagger packs a comparator op amp, Voltage Reference, and a CMOS Switching Transistor with open drain output saving designers from using these discrete analog devices. By connecting to the PTC thermistor attached to the electronic equipment, this IC along with PTC temperature sensor detects any abnormal rise in temperature.

over temp detect

Initially Toshiba has made available two versions of this Thermoflagger. The IC chip series are part numbered as TCTH021BE and TCTH022BE, where TCTH022BE differ slightly with ability to latch to the signal.

The designer of electronics systems can decide where exactly to place the PTC thermistor like close to the heat source or attached to the heat source, where exactly the detection is required.

The applications for this analog IC can be as vast as designer can think off. However Toshiba suggests typical consumer and communication gadgets such as smart phone/tablet/mobile devices, laptop/notebook, personal computer, home appliances. Toshiba also suggests this IC chip for industrial equipments too.

over temp detect
The key technical specifications and features listed by Toshiba for these two chips includes :

Simple configuration to combine with PTC thermistors
Overheat can be monitored at several points by connecting PTC thermistors in series.
Low power consumption: IDD10U=11. 3 micro A (typ.)
Small and standard package: 5 pin surface mount SOT-553 (ESV)
Selectable PTCO output current: IPTCO=10 micro A (typ.)
High PTCO output current accuracy: ±8% (VDD=3.3V, 25 Deg C)
FLAG signal output (PTCGOOD)
Width×Length×Height (mm): 1.6x1.6x0.55
Operation temperature Topr (Deg C) -40 to 125

Data-sheet link: https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/info/docget.jsp?did=149583&prodName=TCTH021BE

With an indicative price of Rupees 15.952 for 1K pieces for TCTH021BE dated 26 May 23 from DIGI-KEY with stock availability, you can buy this chip at: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/TCTH021BE,LF(CT/264-TCTH021BE,LF(CTTR-ND/18666962?WT.z_cid=ref_netcomponents_dkc_buynow&utm_source=netcomponents&utm_medium=aggregator&utm_campaign=buynow

Overall editorial product rating: Needy and space saving part enabling functional safety of electronics and simplify such design needs.