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Wireless charging coils from Belfuse

Date: 09/05/2023
Belfuse owned Signal Transformer has added new wireless charging coils to its family of such components. The new members called Circular Charging Coil (WRSC) and Rectangular Charging Coil (WRSR) Series are single winding coils designed for applications such as Smart phones, tablet computers, gaming devices. They can also be used for other consumer electronic gadgets such as cameras and smart wearables and mobile phone accessories, drones, robots, toothbrushes and any such battery-operated devices in that power range.

Products in the WRSR series include: WRSR-11R0K-16, WRSR-12R0K-13, WRSR-16R7K-11

Products in the WRSC series include: WRSC-7R2K-32, WRSC-13R0K-26, WRSC-26R0K-11, WRSC-47R0K-08

These components can be purchased from component distributors Digi-Key and Mouser. For more info visit belfuse.com/signal.

The other wireless charging coil from launched in 2020 is Wireless Charging Transmission Coils (WCC) in both Single and Multiple Windings for smart car applications, consumer products, controllers, wearable devices, robotic cleaners and drones.

Signal Transformer also makes high current toroidal chokes, surfacemount Transformers, and other such inductors, coils Transformers.