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Silicon Interfaces enhances Functional Safety ISO 26262-Compliant ASIL C Services Solution for Automotive

Date: 04/05/2023
In line with the requirements of the Automotive industry the world over for safety assurance of the cars manufactured, in particularly to address the safety of the hardware components ASICs with the standards ISO 26262 certification based on Safety Critical integrity levels ASIL A, B, C and D to reduce possible hazards caused by the malfunctioning behavior of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems, Silicon Interfaces has released an enhanced services level for the functional methodologies at ASIL C for certification audits.

Silicon Interfaces services encompasses FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis through to FMEDA (Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis) across the Safety Flow spectrum, including Safety Analysis (including Diagnostic Coverage Estimation, Failure in Time (FIT) & Fault list Generation), Design for Safety (including Safety Mechanism Insertion/Verification) and Safety Verification (including Fault list optimization & Fault Simulation

The Safety Verification services are being offered by Silicon Interfaces with qualified EDA Tool with Total Confidence Level (TCL) for Functional Safety Assurance for automotives at TCL1 or higher.

Testability Analysis for controllability & observe-ability
The Unsafe (Good Machine) RTL is duplicated for the Safety Mechanism (SM).
Strobes/Alarms are used to observe the outputs for divergence/convergence
A Comparator triggers/generates the Strobes/Alarms
Good Machine (Unsafe) is subjected to injected faults (Stuck@0, Stuck@1)
Prime/Collapsed Faults are isolated
Fault Campaign
Fault Simulation
Fault Status Analysis (DD, PD, ND, IA/IF, UB, UU)
Other Status (llegal (IA/IF), Unselected (Blocked), Untestable Unused (UU) and Hyperfaults
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)

Based on these techniques, Silicon Interfaces now has the industry's first Functional Safety deployable service platform with near zero ramps in timelines. Mrs Heena Bhatia said, Chief Business Officer at Silicon Interfaces stated that with Silicon Interfaces it is easier to ensure safety in other mission critical segments, like Aerospace, Augment/Virtual Reality, Drones & Military and Medical. The reliability and safety of ASIC deployment has been assured by continuous process improvements based on sustained ISO26262 Safety Verification/validation methodologies, added Prof Sastry, Chief Technical at Silicon Interfaces.

News Source: Silicon Interfaces