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Date: 19/04/2023

XMOS launches the XVF3800: high-performance voice processor for collaboration applications

XMOS announces the launch of its XVF3800 voice processor, designed to deliver a high-performance, rapid time-to-market solution for enterprise and consumer voice conferencing platforms.

The four-microphone processor is intended to enable Microsoft Teams and Zoom certification in conferencing devices, video bars, portable speakerphones, PCs, gaming monitors and collaborative display solutions. State of the art algorithms provide high-quality audio in challenging environments, while the processor itself enables engineers to fully optimise performance based on the specific acoustics of the product at hand.

Key features include:

Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) – removes far-end echoes picked up by the microphones, which enables the XVF3800 to extract clear voice signals even with high-volume speaker output
Adaptive multiple beamformers – tracks both stationary and non-stationary voice sources, identifying the direction of arrival, and isolating the voice of interest, improving double talk and dereverberation performance
Noise suppression – nulls diffuse noise sources (air conditioning, road noise etc.) to enable accurate, consistent voice capture
Automatic gain control (AGC) – ensures a consistent far-end volume for speakers at different distances from the device.

Beyond the specialised microphone interface and two supporting linear mic arrays, the XVF3800 also incorporates USB2.0 connectivity, as well as an I2S audio interface that can sample at 16kHz or 48kHz.

The XVF3800 is currently available to early access customers and will be generally available, along with a development kit, the XK-VOICE-SQ66, in the next quarter. The new, cost-optimised processor builds on the success of XMOS’ high performance VocalFusion range.

“The modern workforce has more disparate and flexible work environments than ever before, and so has never had higher expectations for its communications tools”, commented Aneet Chopra, EVP Marketing & Product Management, XMOS. “With this in mind, enterprise and consumer software providers like Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, are raising the bar to match these expectations. Turnkey solutions that are high performance and easy to integrate are needed to keep pace with new innovations and experiences.”

“The XVF3800 provides a reliable, cost-optimised solution for collaboration applications, delivering the price-to-performance ratio needed to bring new innovations to the market rapidly and successfully.”

XMOS is showcasing the XVF3800 demo during the Embedded World conference next week. If you would like to see the demo, and discuss the voice processor in more detail, click here to book a meeting with the team.

To register your interest in the XVF3800, please share your details here, and a member of the Sales team will be in touch.

News Source: XMOS