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TDK offers very compact snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors with 85 percent increased ripple current capability

Date: 18/04/2023
TDK Corporation presents its new EPCOS B43652 series of snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors that are characterized by very compact dimensions and very high ripple current-carrying capacity. The RoHS-compatible capacitors are designed for a maximum rated voltage of 450 V DC and cover a capacitance range from 270 F to 820 F with seven types. The capacitance values from 270 F to 560 F are offered in different dimensions, which increases design flexibility. Depending on the capacitance value, the compact dimensions are only 25 mm x 40 mm to 35 mm x 55 mm (D x H).

A special performance feature of the AEC-Q200 qualified devices is their very high ripple current capability of up to 11.28 A at 100 Hz and 85 C. This was made possible by a new design with a reinforced bucket bottom for improved active cooling. In conventional capacitors, the valve is located at the bottom of the bucket, but in the new design, it is on the side. This improvement and active cooling have increased the ripple current capability by 85 percent.

A typical application of these capacitors with a high CV product is the DC link circuitry of onboard chargers in xEVs.

Features & Applications
Main application areas

DC link in onboard chargers of xEVs

Main features and benefits

Compact dimensions only 25 mm x 40 mm to 35 mm x 55 mm (D x H)
Very high ripple current carrying capacity of up to 11.28 A

News source: TDK