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MDT Introduces AMR Angle Sensor Series at SPS and Electronica

Date: 08/11/2022
MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. (MDT), a leading manufacturer of magnetic sensors specializing in AMR (anisotropic magnetoresistance) and TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance) technologies, will demonstrate its AMR angle sensors at SPS and Electronica. Designed for angular position measurement in a variety of applications including servo and BLDC motors, rotary encoders, linear displacement sensors, speed sensors, and flow meters, they exhibit outstanding angular precision, large air-gap tolerance, high immunity to noise and interference, offering pin-compatibility to existing products, along with options for compact packages and digital outputs.

MDT's AMR angle sensors have been supplied to select volume customers for more than five years. They now become available to all customers worldwide, offering drop-in replacement for existing products with low cost, high maturity and excellent performance metrics qualified in many applications. MDT's AMR sensors and TMR sensors complement each other's technical strength and offer a comprehensive coverage for a wide range of industrial applications.

MDT fully owns an advanced magnetic sensor fab with an annual in-house production capacity in billions of AMR and TMR sensors. While the semiconductor industry has been facing growing challenges from Covid and global chip supply shortage in the past few years, MDT's volume customers have not experienced any supply interruptions, thanks to the highly consolidated and self-reliant supply chain that provides customers a strong guarantee of stable supply and on-time delivery. MDT's next milestone is to upgrade the AMR portfolio and prepare it for automotive applications, with ongoing activities in conjunction with the IATF-16949 certification to be completed in early 2023.

MDT will showcase AMR/TMR sensors and modules, and welcome all customers and visitors at SPS (booth 4A.614, Nov.8-10, Nuremberg) and Electronica (booth B3.543/2, Nov.15-18, Munich). Featured AMR angle sensors at MDT's show booth include:

AMR3013P: high-precision and low-power, SOP8 package pin-compatible to existing products
AMR3003L/AMR3008: compact LGA package, widely used in rotary encoders
AMR3108AP: digital output with SPI/ABZ/UVW/PWM interfaces, high accuracy, 20,000 RPM high-speed operation, TMR-assisted 360 measurement
AMR4100: a versatile rotary sensor for both on-shaft/off-shaft measurements
AMR4020/AMR4050: off-shaft measurement for rotary magnetic scales in 2mm/5mm pole-pitch