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Epson shrinks its already small SPXO crystal oscillator further 54% smaller

Date: 24/10/2022
5G and 6G and any such wireless infrastructure requires frequency oscillators generating clocks at very low jitter and also occupying less space. Seiko Epson is known for making such extreme performance Crystal oscillators. Seiko Epson annnounced a new series of SPXO crystal oscillators of size 54% smaller than its popular SG2520 series SPXOs.

Seiko Epson is already sampling new SG2016EGN, SG2016EHN, SG2016VGN and SG2016VHN with differential output. These new devices measuring 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.63 (height) mm feature low phase jitter in fundamental mode. Volume production and shipment production of these devices is slated for first quarter of 2023.

If you look at the trends in data networking systems, the PAM4 and PAM8 concept based wired/optical systems now designed to handle speeds of 800 Gbps and higher, while the wireless communications systems moving to 5G and 6G.The physical size of the system need to be shrinked, making the need for smaller components. Seiko Epson says "Next-generation 800 G optical transmission modules will need to be even smaller because they will have a larger digital signal processor (DSP) built in, which will require more space for heat dissipation."

These new devices feature HFF crystal unit and a compact oscillator IC engineered by Epson. They also offer the same high frequency, high stability, and low phase jitter. These features make them ideal for next-generation 800 G transmission modules.

Epson said it seeks to use its technology to contribute to the realization of a smart society and will continue to provide crystal device products that meet the needs of all manner of electronic devices and social infrastructure.

Product applications as suggested by Epson:

- Optical transmission modules (built into network equipment such as routers and switches)
- Data centers
- Factory automation equipment and measuring instruments
- High-speed DA/AD converters

Product specifications
Model No. SG2016EGN SG2016EHN SG2016VGN SG2016VHN
Output type LV-PECL LVDS
Output frequency range 25 MHz to 500 MHz
Supply voltage 2.5 V 5%
3.3 V 5% 1.8 V 5%
2.5 V 5%
3.3 V 5%
Operating temperature -40 to +85?, -40 to +105?
Frequency tolerance 25 x 10-6
50 x 10-6 20 x 10-6 25 x 10-6
50 x 10-6 20 x 10-6
Current consumption 60 Ma Max. 28 Ma Max. (in output option A)
Phase jitter
(12 kHz to 20 MHz) 70 fs Max.
(output frequency: 156.25 MHz) 60 fs Max.
(output frequency: 156.25 MHz)
Dimensions 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.63 mm, Typ.

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