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Date: 07/10/2022

Gain blocks for wireless range of 1.4 to 7.1 GHz covering 4G/5G

CML Microcircuits announces its new GaAs pHEMT CMX90G301 and CMX90G302 Positive Gain Slope Amplifiers made using its own innovative SRF RFIC/MMIC design capability. These are designed as general-purpose gain blocks targeting wide range of wireless applications in the frequency range of 1.4 7.1 GHz covering 4G/5G infrastructure applications and devices operating in license-free frequency bands.

Offering low DC power, low noise, and high gain, CMX90G301 has +1dB positive gain slope, while the CMX90G302 offers a +2dB gain slope for applications requiring higher gain-slope compensation. CMX90G301 and CMX90G302 deliver a small signal gain of 14.8 16.0dB, a P1dB output rating of +11.5dBm at 3.5 GHz and a low noise figure of 2dB.

These are designed as plug-in, cascadable, gain blocks with on-board active bias circuit to avoid the need for passive equalisation circuits within the system design. Can be powered from a wide supply voltage of 2.7 to 5V, with a typical current of 22 mA. The RF ports of each device are matched to standard 50 O impedance to save time and make it good for mass-market applications.

The CMX90G301 and CMX90G302 Low-power Gain Blocks are the latest devices employing CMLs advanced SRF design capability to address the growing market requirement for high-performing mmWave devices., said Matthew White, Marketing Manager for RF & mmWave. CMLs customers can leverage our SRF capability to reduce development cycle times and gain rapid access to emerging markets such as 5G satellite and IoT. The CMX90G301 and CMX90G302 are now available, joining the CMX90A702 Medium Power Amplifier, and future products in the SRF family will include a range of Pas, LNAs, Gain Blocks and FEMs, all employing high performance GaAs and GaN technologies.