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TDK offers clip-on NTC sensors for heat pumps in e-mobility

Date: 06/10/2022
There is a severe concern of driving range loss while using electric vehicles in extreme cold weather, due to batteries not performing to its best, and also if any resistive heat generation for cabin air conditioning. By using a concept called the heat pumps,a kind of reverse air conditioning, where the heat generated by power electronics, batteries can be used to heat cabin. A continuous monitoring of pressure and temperature is important in this kind of heat pump based air conditioning.

The leading sensor maker TDK has announced the new series of heat pump sensors for measuring the refrigerant temperature indirectly via the pipes' surface temperature.

The new AEC-Q200 qualified B58101A0109A* (HP100) series are NTC-based sensors meet the stringent requirements of automotive environment. These clip-on easy to mount sensors are designed to fit with pipe diameters of 12.8 mm and can operate in the temperature range of -40 C to +150 C and is water immersion resistant for up to 500 hours. They feature response time of less than 7 seconds and offer a high dielectric strength of 1250 V AC for 10 s. high control accuracy can be achieved due to these sensors having low temperature tolerance of 0.3 K at a nominal temperature of 85 C.
Another advantage is these sensors can be fitted without entering them into the cooling or refrigerant circuits.

By using these sensors temperature of high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles can be managed better.

To learn more visit www.tdk-electronics.tdk.com/en/ntc_systems.